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In a role-playing culture, specialists are valued above all else: nothing is more important than mastery of your craft. Employees are trusted to take accountability over the projects for which they are qualified.

The hiring process is highly selective in a role-based workplace culture. Hires are made based more on skills than intangibles. Wages are typically high because employees have undergone extensive training for the position prior to getting hired. They have skills that not everybody possesses, and that few, if anyone, could fake. A culture of innovation is a culture in which conventional ideas fall by the wayside.Regardless of position or rank, employees are meant to feel as if their role in the business is vital for operation.

Wages are often generous, and low-ranking employees feel comfortable approaching their superiors with questions and suggestions. During a conflict, steps are taken to make employees feel as if they stand on equal footing with one another. Requests for bonuses, wage increases, and position changes are seriously considered and granted when appropriate.A power-driven workplace culture is about one thing: survival of the fittest. Workplace competition is alive and well, and individuals put strategies in place to acquire power where it's available.