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HUMIDIN Induced Jet Fan is a special designed fan to achieve high impulse throw of discharging air. It consists of an attenuator at the suction and discharge site, pre-designed inlet and outlet guide vanes. The fan units are of high efficiency. All Jet Fans are built with the high quality assurance and verified using advanced test equipment. HUMIDIN Induced Jet Fans with volume flow rate up to 1200 CMH and a throw distance of 35m attenuator at the suction and discharge site, well spun inlet and outlet venturi for laminar flow of air pre-designed inlet and outlet guide vane. Induced Jet Fans add momentum to both air and smoke flow in a vehicle tunnel WHY HUMIDIN JET FANS ? No Ducts are required. CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis by HUMIDIN, is utilised to decide the number and location of Jetfans for effective and optimum performance. Only Fresh Air Fans, Exhaust Air Fans and Jet Fans required. Improved air quality and efficient Operation. Flexibility in installation,quicker installation Effective smoke management Optimum use of Car Park Space & Optimisation of Head room for Vehicles and Pedestrians. Spunned inlet and outlet venturi for more efficient and for low noise operation. Designed for almost no swirl zone. APPLICATIONS For commercial and industrial ventilation in AHU´s, Evaporative Coolers, other HVAC systems, etc.

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HUMIDIN has been manufacturing Fans and by it´s persistent endeavor and through its thorough application of engineering, design and R&D, it has got its products certified by AMCA and has become the first Indian Company to bag this certification.

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