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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

A controlled and clean commercial kitchen environment doesn’t come easily. Those in charge of a commercial kitchen must ensure the place remains a healthy and happy place to work – and a crucial aspect of this is a good commercial kitchen ventilation system. Proper ventilation in a commercial kitchen is extremely important – not only does it ensure the health and safety of staff, but also the longevity of the kitchen itself.

Commercial kitchens deal with a lot more heat than residential kitchens, due to the large amounts of food being cooked, the methods used, and the greater numbers present. If a kitchen is not able to remain properly ventilated, the heat, grease and smoke can pose real health hazards. To avoid this, consult commercial kitchen ventilation experts like Extraction Canopy, who offer commercial kitchen extraction systems, kitchen canopies, cooker hoods, island extractor fans and more.

Proper installation of a quality commercial kitchen has a number of benefits. These include:

  • Improvement of Air Quality : Preparing and cooking food produces intense heat, smoke, steam, airborne particles and odours that can cause irritation to eyes and skin and even respiratory problems. These factors can not only affect those working in the kitchen, but also those outside it, such as customers in the dining area. A functional kitchen ventilator will remove the irritants from the air and control the temperature inside the kitchen.
  • Removal of Grease : When frying food, grease can evaporate, become airborne, and deposit itself on walls and ceiling. This can be extremely unhygienic and can cause major problems when it comes to food safety. Kitchen ventilation systems help to remove grease particles from the air for a safe and clean kitchen environment.
  • Odour Control : A properly installed kitchen ventilation system will help prevent odours from the kitchen from festering and affecting the working environment, or from travelling to the other parts of the premises, such as the dining area.
  • Legal Requirements : Health and safety regulations decree that it is a necessity for commercial kitchens to “provide effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed workplace.” Failure to comply with these regulations can result in your commercial kitchen being closed down. Luckily, commercial kitchen ventilation experts such as Extraction Canopy can provide specialist advice and recommendations regarding legalities alongside their wide range of bespoke commercial kitchen ventilation systems.
    Whether you’re running a business with a commercial kitchen or looking to start a new venture, investing in a quality commercial kitchen ventilation system gives your business the best chance of success.

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