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An Axial Flow Fan draws the air into it and discharge it inthe same axial direction, rotating in a round section of duct, to exhaust hot and / or contaminated air from a process or system. HUMIDIN's Axial Flow Fans can be direct driven with the impeller mounted directly on the motor shaft or can be built driven with the impeller mounted on a separate fan shaft and driven by the motor through bells and sheaves. Axial Flow Fans are ideals for movilg large volume of air at low pressures. HUMIDIN's Axial Flow Fan have adjustable pitch Axial Fans statically and dynamically balanced having wide range of applications in various industries through out the world. Fans are certified for 'Sound & Air Performance' by AMCA. HUMIDIN manufactures Single Stage and Double Stage Axial Flow Fans (Counter-Rotating) based on application like Mine Ventilation, Power Plants etc. DISCERNIBLE FEATURES: Fan Size(Dia): 315 mm to 2000 mm Flow rates up to 320000 cmh Pressures up to 1800 Pa APPLICATIONS Used in industry for providing general ventilation, fume extraction and removal of hot spots. HUMIDIN offers a most economical and efficient installation for industry such as Thermal Power Stations, Fertilizers, Heavy engineering, Chemical, Textile, Food general, Paper, Sugar and Pharmaceuticals etc. SPECIAL APPLICATION: Axial Flow Fans are also available for Fire Application for the following range: 250℃ for 2 hrs 300℃ for 1 hr 300℃ for 2 hrs

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HUMIDIN has been manufacturing Fans and by it´s persistent endeavor and through its thorough application of engineering, design and R&D, it has got its products certified by AMCA and has become the first Indian Company to bag this certification.

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